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"Hayabusa2" is a Japanese asteroid explorer launched on December 3, 2014 traveling to “Ryugu” and will return to Earth in 2020. During its six year voyage, Hayabusa2 aims to complete technically challenging missions to bring scientifically valuable FRESH soil samples of Ryugu.

Illustration: Mr. Akihiro Ikeshita

In June 27th, 2018, Hayabusa2 arriveed at Ryugu and start great missions.
Its predecessor Hayabusa brought soil samples back from the S-type asteroid Itokawa. The samples revealed the origin of the meteoroid entering to Earth.
This time, the FRESH soil samples of C-type asteroid brought back by Hayabusa2 are expected to contain organic matter and water. The samples brought by Hayabusa2 may reveal the origin of sea water and life on Earth.

What is “Sugo-Haya2”?

We, "Project Sugo-Haya2" created the Japanese traditional game Sugo-Roku that simulates the Hayabusa2’s round-trip voyage to the asteroid Ryugu. It is “Sugo-Roku Hayabusa2”, whose nickname is “Sugo-Haya2.” The route on the “Sugo-Haya2” game board from the start to the goal simulates the process of the voyage and explains its mission well.

Through playing the game of Sugo-Haya2, you acquire a chronological bird’s eye view of voyage, learn about the interesting mission, and experience the challenges of Hayabusa2.
“Sugo-Haya2” has its own rules and characteristics that reflect Hayabusa2’s characteristics.
The routes reflect the voyage of Hayabusa2 and the players can learn its schedule. There are missions on the routes to the goal and the players can gain knowledge about the Hayabusa2’s missions. The degree of difficulties of the mission on the Sugo-roku simulates the actual level of challenges of the mission of Hayabusa2.

Download “Sugo-Haya2” NEW!!

Sugo-Haya2 only uses paper. You can download from the link below. Please have a go at it.

How to play Sugo-Haya2

Sugo-Haya2 is suitable for playing with 4 or 5 people. Everyone, from children to adults, can play and enjoy together.

Each player rolls a dice and move the number of squares that the rolled dice shows.

A player has to follow an instruction on the yellow-colored mission square if there is any available on the square he/she stops.
- On pink squares, you have quizzes to answer.
- On blue squares, you learn interesting knowledge
- Red squares mean “Danger”

The goal of Hayabusa2 is not only to come back to Earth, but also to bring lots of valuable samples back. Finally, the winners of Sugo-Haya2 are determined by the total numbers of samples brought back at the goal.

The Theme Tune of Project Sugo-Haya2 and Beats Creator BB Beats

Project Sugo-Haya2 asked Musical Beats Creator “BB Beats” for its theme music.

- Project Sugo-Haya 2 (Main Theme)
- Second Exploration - Hayabusa 2 (Closing Theme)

Please play this beats when you enjoy “Sugo-Haya2.” It will become one of the valuable companions to Sugo-Haya2 players when they travel through space. This cool beats helps you bring up the courage to travel through the space, celebrate the successful mission, and bring colors to the space travel on the Sugoroku board.

Project Sugo-Haya2 is very pleased with this collaboration with the talented Beats Creator BB Beats from US.
Thank you, BB, for the cool beats for all the people who enjoy “Sugo-Haya2” and cheer for Hayabusa2!

*BB Beats (The link to this webpage seems to be broken now)

Records of Our Activities

- Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2018 (Mar.24-26, 2018, Fukuoka,Japan)

----> Report of Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2018

- Human Size Sugo-Haya2 called “Hito-Haya2” (Jul. 20, 2018, in Our School)

Humans are called “Hito”in Japanese.
We invited children of a Children’s Center near our school to our club room in which the large size Sugo-Haya2 is spreading. The children became game pieces themselves and walked on a route of Sugo-Haya2 in the club room. They try some attractions based on Hayabusa2's mission on the route. They could feel as if they were Hayabusa2 themselves.

- "Hito-Haya2" at School Festival "弟燕祭(Teien-sai)" (Oct. 13, 14, 2018, in Our School)

----> Report of "Hito-Haya2" at School Festival (in Japanese)
----> Main Attraction of "Hito-Haya2": Sampling Mission (on YouTube, 2 min.)

This equipment has same view of Hayabusa2's on-board camera "CAM-H."

You can compare this image with the captured cool images of CAM-H on Hayabusa2(move to Hayabusa2 Project of JAXA)

Comments & Survey Form

----> Move to Comments & Survey Form

Thanks to ...

- All members of Hayabusa2 team at JAXA for showing us exciting Hayabusa2’s great missions.
- Mr. Akihiro Ikeshita for helping our imagination about Hayabusa2’s missions with your excellent illustrations.
- Beats Creator BB for creating cool theme beats of Sugo-Haya2.
- FabLab KandaNishikicho
- Jump to Space
- the Fund for Science Education Support of Tokyo Institute of Technology


* Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)/Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa2"
Pamphlet:Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa2" (PDF, 2.1MB)

* Pythagora-Hayabusa2
a simulation demonstration of Hayabusa2 by the Science Club of Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology

Project Sugo-Haya2

This work was supported by the Fund for Science Education Support of Tokyo Institute of Technology(2017).

“Project Sugo-Haya2” is produced by
The Science Club of Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology (Tokyo Tech HST)

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